22nd ASA Congress

22nd ASA Congress - 2014, Karachi, Pakistan
Maharukh Bhiladwala (MOK)
President, DSSP - President, ASA (2013-14)

Welcome to Avari Towers, Karachi for the 22nd ASA Congress in September 2014! Our theme is “Standing High in Challenging Times!”. This was chosen, keeping in view the on-going challenges facing Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in the world today. Although the role has greatly changed and evolved, the importance of world-class Secretaries and Administrative Professionals cannot be challenged even in today’s fast-moving, advanced technology era. During the Congress we will discuss the challenges and changes in the role of the secretary and the on-going training needed to equip oneself to meet – and indeed exceed - the demands of the challenging corporate world. On behalf of the Organising Committee, the Distinguished Secretaries’ Society of Pakistan, I look forward to seeing you all here in September!

Opening Night - 22nd ASA Congress.
Cheryl Mathew
Congress Organising Chairperson (2013-14)

I’d like to personally invite each of you to the 22nd ASA Congress! It’s an exciting time for DSSP as we progress in our preparations for this event, especially as it ties in with ASA’s Ruby Anniversary! Professionally we are confronted with many changes and we’re coping with these during a time of global change. Our theme is just this; about meeting challenges of the ever demanding corporate world. At this congress a new contest will be introduced – the ASA Project Award. All member associations will be participating and this will definitely be an interesting part of the programme. We look forward to welcoming large delegations from all the ASA Associations, and will be pleased to address any queries.