Professional Secretary’s Award
To tie in with the ASA Congress, DSSP holds a Professional Secretary`s Award every alternate year.The winner of this Award is sponsored by DSSP to represent the Society and Pakistan at the ASA Congress.

At the 16th ASA Congress held in Singapore in 2004, DSSP`s candidate, Antoinette Menezes, beat out all the competition to bring home the Trophy of ASA Award Winner for DSSP and Pakistan.
PSAward 2014

The 2014 Professional Secretary Award was held on the 27th of April on Secretaries' Day. The PSA Contest was a much-awaited one since it was being held after nearly 10 years. The last Contest was in 2004 when the DSSP PSA recipient, Antoinette Menezes, won the prestigious Asian Secretaries’ Award, for DSSP and Pakistan.

This year we were fortunate to have two of our young and very aspiring Associate Members participating in the Contest. Juliana Nazareth of Qatar Airways and Natalia Fonseca of Mazars Consulting underwent three segments of the contest:
  • Essay writing
  • PowerPoint presentation and
  • Public speaking
The first two rounds took place in February and March with Hazel D’Souza, ASA Awards Coordinator, Goretti Ali, First PSA Pakistan Winner and Maharukh Bhiladwala, DSSP/ASA President as Judges.

The Judges for the third and final round were Sunnu Golwalla, Joint Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Jubilee General Insurance Company and one of our very senior members; Clifford Lucas, Head of Service Quality at Samba Bank; and Naveeda Mahmud, Manager Learning and Development, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.

The candidates were given a total of four minutes, one to introduce themselves and three to answer a question, during the Public Speaking round. Both candidates very confidently introduced themselves and put forward their solutions to the question asked. The scores of this Public Speaking round were added to those of the previous two rounds, yielding a Winner and a Runner-up. Seeing the tense faces of not only the candidates but also the members, MOK announced the scores without much ado, resulting in Natalia Fonseca being awarded the ‘Winner of the 2014 Professional Secretary Award’ and Juliana Nazareth as the Runner-up. Both candidates were acknowledged and thanked for their participation, as without their active involvement and contribution, the PSA Contest would not have been possible.
President MOK introducing the candidates for the Professional Secretary's Award Pakistan,2014 Judges of the Final Round... PSA 2014 Winner - Natalia Fonseca & Runner up Juliana Nazareth PSA 2014 Winner & Runner up with the Judges
Our PSA Pakistan winner was to have participated as a contestant at the international ASA Award to have been held at the 22nd ASA Congress in Karachi in September. Unfortunately, as the requisite minimum number of contestants from member countries, was not forthcoming, the international ASA Award has had to be cancelled. In recognition of their efforts, both the contestants have been invited to attend the Congress complimentary.
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